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JDCC09: Stuart Lee: Content is king

Stuart Lee took as his theme “Content is king, but we are in a republic”. After raising several laughs with his Star Trek ‘library of the future’ (where apparently there will be no enforced retirement age for librarians), he went on to call for a move towards community digitisation. Read more

JDCC09: User Engagement: Business and community engagement

The last parallel session in the User Engagement strand looked at the topic of business and community engagement, and enhancing access/removing barriers to institutional resources. The speakers encouraged us to look beyond the library walls and embrace the challenges of community engagement, pointing out the multiple benefits and exploring some practical case studies of community … Read more

JDCC09: User Engagement: Users, impact and metrics

Session 2 of the User Engagement strand looked at what makes a well-used resource, and how you go about measuring the impact your resource is having on its users using qualitative and quantitative metrics. Claire Davies from Curtis and Cartwright focused on the benefits of audience research, and Eric Meyer from their Oxford Internet Institute … Read more

JDCC09: Sarah Porter: International collaborations

In a global academic culture of sharing resources and expertise, collaboration is an essential part of many higher education projects. Each of the 3 speakers had vastly different experiences, but there were a few common threads that ran through all the talks: The importance of clear and frequent communication A need for mutual respect and … Read more

JDCC09: Looking into the future: Libraries

In a session in which approximately 70% of delegates were librarians (according to a quick show of hands) we discussed the role and nature of libraries in the future, and watched a fascinating video produced by JISC (available to view below). Key points raised in the session: We need to rethink our attitudes towards what … Read more

JDCC09: Managing Content: Safeguarding investment

Three speakers outlined their programs to help those running digital preservation projects and raised some thorny questions relating to the potential problems that can arise from public private partnerships. They were William Kilbride from the Digital Preservation Coalition,  Sarah Higgins from the Digital Curation Centre and Richard Davies from the  British Library who has been … Read more

JDCC09: Managing Content: Approaches to content management

This was a session based around questions of how universities develop strategies for creating and sharing digital resources drawing on the experience of three experts in the field. They were:     Christine Fowler, Head of Electronic Library Services, University of Southampton; Dr Jessica Gardner, Head of Special Collections, University of Exeter;  Simon Bains, Head of Digital … Read more

JDCC: Developing Content: Content, IPR and licensing

This discussion focused on issues of intellectual property law, managing rights and licensing. Tom Morgan of the National Portrait Gallery began by talking about his experience of best practice within the heritage sector; Liam Earney of JISC Collections spoke about CASPER’s involvement with the RePRODUCE programme, and universities’ perceptions and problems with the idea of … Read more

JDCC09: Nick Poole: Digital Britain

Nick Poole is the CEO of Collections Trust, and has been involved in many issues to do with digitisation, including advising on digital strategy. He began by setting context, beginning with the manifesto Building Britain’s Future and various political issues – a new European Commission; a weak pound against the euro; a recessionary economy; a … Read more

JDCC09: Managing content: Value for money

The first talk in the Managing Content strand investigated the real costs of digitisation projects and the hidden costs they often contain, as well as effective ways for publishers and private bodies (generally publishers) to work together to create digital resources.    Moderated by Grant Young, a Digitisation and Digital Preservation Specialist at Cambridge University Library, … Read more