Should universities build their own LLMs for academic research?

Taking bold steps A recent THE article by Sorin Adam Matei proposes that academia could invest in building its own LLMs to consume data from verifiable sources. I’m wondering if the UK university community thinks this is something we should invest in to ensure we feel confident that this valuable technology fulfills sector requirements. Governments […]

Over £1 million in savings – Celebrating the DAC group purchasing scheme

Since 2017, the digital archival collections group purchasing scheme has been helping Jisc members to purchase primary source content for use in learning, teaching and research in an affordable and transparent way. Participating organizations have collectively saved over £1 million since the scheme began. It removes the need to negotiate with publishers as members can […]

Join our next webinar to discuss AI ready library collections; the practicalities

Back in November we were joined by about 180 people to discuss how the Higher Education library community might be bolder in providing machine ready collections, in support of research, and to feel more confident with the impending introduction of AI into the community. You can see a recording with transcript of that session, but […]