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Cartoons and war make the news

JISC-funded digitisation projects have been getting a good press recently, with two recent project launches garnering coverage in a range of major media outlets. The First World War Poetry Digital Archive at the University of Oxford was launched to coincide with the 90th anniversary of Armistice Day. Amid the wealth of first world war coverage … Read more

In the news: lags and legacies

The launch of a couple of digitisation projects have made the news this week. There’s excitement in the papers over the prospect of digging over some of the most sensational trials in British criminal history as the Old Bailey opens its previously unseen files to the public. The Old Bailey Online website, published by the … Read more

In the news: Darwin Online project

The Guardian reports today that about 90,000 pages of manuscripts, field notes, photographs and sketches connected with Charles Darwin are being placed online, where they can be viewed free. The material is the last major set of additions to the Darwin Online project, started in 2002 and based in Cambridge, and which claims to be … Read more

JISC/NEH transatlantic collaboration grants announced

Five digitisation projects are to be awarded funding of around £600,000 ($1,150,000) under a transatlantic collaboration between JISC and the US National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).A call for proposals issued last November invited scholars in England and the USA to collaborate on digitisation, the aim of the £600,000 ($1,150,000) programme being to unite scholarly … Read more

Building the European Digital Library: calls for greater cooperation

A major European conference on digitisation came to an end today with a call for greater cooperation between countries and increased investment in digitisation at the highest political levels. The three-day LIBER-EBLIDA conference in Copenhagen brought together representatives from national and university libraries across Europe to discuss how digitisation can support moves towards making available … Read more