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Establishing digitisation workflows and guidelines

When it comes to digitisation projects it is easy to become seduced into rushing straight into the digitisation before thinking about anything else. However, it is often the case that successful digitisation projects spend what seems like a lot of time thinking about and drafting their work flows and guidelines before embarking on the ‘real […]


Digital Futures: from digitization to delivery

Those who are thinking of embarking on a digitistaion project or need to improve their knowledge of the key issuses in running a digitisation project should consider attending the forthcoming training event Digital Futures: from digitization to delivery, held at King’s College London, 27th April – 1st May 2009. Led by experts of international renown, […]

Metadata Users

What does opening up your data really mean?

There’s plenty of discussion about things like APIs (application programming interfaces) and concepts of opening up data, but to the non-initiated this can all seem rather confusing and overly technical. However, as those who have created digital projects continue to look for new ways to expose their content to the widest possible audience, APIs offer […]


Funding for workshops on digitisation and e-content

JISC has just released a funding call for applicants to organise workshops related to achievements and challenges in digitisation and e-content. Applications may come from in- or outside the HE sector. Potential topics that applicants can address pretty wide and include particular areas of technology (e.g. optical character recognition, 3D digitisation, visualisation); the relationship with […]

Collaboration programme management Projects 2006-2009

Managing a Digitisation programme

The JISC Digitisation programme is coming to end and most projects have launched, or are about to, the digital resources created over the past couple of years. What are the key issues that projects felt they would need support on during the development of their resources and what kind of support has JISC provided to […]

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First World War Poetry Digital Archive – Engaging New Audiences

  The First World War Poetry Digital Archive at Oxford University recently held a two day workshop for teachers and lecturers to  help support the creation of resources to enhance teaching and the student experience of the poetry archive. One of the most interesting outcomes of the workshop was the immense popularity of the Great War […]

Peer Reviews and Digital Resources

One of the key problems in getting widespread acceptance of digital resources has been the lack of a review process, as would happen to an article or a monograph. Thus it’s heartening to note the Institute for Historical Research is specifically undertaking more reviews of digital resources on its webpages. Three of the JISC projects […]


Funding for digital heritage questions

The AHRC have teamed up with British Telecom to provide funding related to digital cultural heritage Plenty of the questions relate to issues relevant to the JISC Digitisation Strategy From the briefing paper on the AHRC website, it says the research questions of interest are: • How can the availability and accessibility of heritage sites/cultural […]