Funding for workshops on digitisation and e-content

JISC has just released a funding call for applicants to organise workshops related to achievements and challenges in digitisation and e-content. Applications may come from in- or outside the HE sector.

Potential topics that applicants can address pretty wide and include

  • particular areas of technology (e.g. optical character recognition, 3D digitisation, visualisation);
  • the relationship with digital content and a specific subject area (e.g. the availability and usefulness of digital resources for those studying the history of the performing arts, or subject areas deemed strategically important or vulnerable by the government);
  • issues relating to content that falls under broader headings (e.g. mathematical journals, parliamentary records, medieval manuscripts, historic maps);
  • other areas related to digitisation.

In particular, JISC is looking for events that can

  • incorporate relevant expertise from other countries within Europe;
  • provide evidence and clear articulation of existing and potential benefits of digitised content to research and teaching;
  • provide a roadmap incorporating current achievements and outlining future directions.

The maximum amount for each workshop is £8,000. The timetable is tight. Bids need to be in by 8th May, and the workshops take place between June and September 2009.

The full call is available from the JISC website

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