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Continued thinking about using archives for teaching, learning and research

When I was fortunate to be invited by, Anthony Mandal, Professor in Print and Digital Cultures,  to deliver the keynote at the recent GW4 Remediating the Archive workshop at the University of Cardiff, Wales, I decided to set out the current state of digitisation and its focus upon actual use of digital content by providing […]

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Establishing digitisation workflows and guidelines

When it comes to digitisation projects it is easy to become seduced into rushing straight into the digitisation before thinking about anything else. However, it is often the case that successful digitisation projects spend what seems like a lot of time thinking about and drafting their work flows and guidelines before embarking on the ‘real […]

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Digital Project Staff Survey of JPEG 2000 Implementation

There has been recent uptake of the JPEG 2000 format, particular as highlighted in a report written by the Royal Dutch Library. This survey should help clarify positions of current usage I am writing to solicit your help with a survey of library-related digital project staff regarding the implementation of the JPEG 2000 standard for […]

Metadata Standards

Digital Standards: Going beyond Stalin

Standards for digital content such as file formats or metadata aren’t sexy. But they are crucial – without them resource discovery is impeded, functionality is diminished and long-term access is imperilled. But implementing standards is not just a matter of a ‘Stalinist’ top-down mandate. Within in a project, service or an organisation standards impinge on […]

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In the news: National Archives and Microsoft partnership

The Guardian reports today that the National Archives and Microsoft have announced a partnership to prevent what was described as a “digital dark age”. Microsoft has worked with the archives and the British Library to install the Virtual PC 2007, allowing users to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on the same computer, and unlock what […]