Funding for digital heritage questions

The AHRC have teamed up with British Telecom to provide funding related to digital cultural heritage

Plenty of the questions relate to issues relevant to the JISC Digitisation Strategy

From the briefing paper on the AHRC website, it says the research questions of interest are:

• How can the availability and accessibility of heritage sites/cultural collections be enhanced across time and space through digital technology?

• What do audiences at/visitors to heritage sites want and need such
technology to do? How does this vary at local, national and international

• How does specific technology influence the ways in which we interpret
heritage environments e.g. artifacts/exhibits/landscapes?

• What are the legal issues around digital heritage e.g. digital rights,
ownership, authority?

• How can we ensure that use of technology in digital heritage does not
exclude certain user groups?

• How can we enhance the end-to-end experience of visiting a heritage
environment i.e. from the initial discovery of a site to visit through to
further exploration and investigation after a visit has been made?

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