Digital Futures: from digitization to delivery

Those who are thinking of embarking on a digitistaion project or need to improve their knowledge of the key issuses in running a digitisation project should consider attending the forthcoming training event Digital Futures: from digitization to delivery, held at King’s College London, 27th April – 1st May 2009.

Led by experts of international renown, Digital Futures focuses on the creation, delivery and preservation of digital resources from cultural and memory institutions. Lasting five days, Digital Futures is aimed at managers and other practitioners from the library, museum, heritage and cultural sectors looking to understand the strategic and management issues of developing digital resources from digitisation to delivery.

Digital Futures will cover the following core areas:

o Planning and management
o Fund raising
o Understanding the audience
o Metadata – introduction and implementation
o Copyright and intellectual property
o Sustainability
o Financial issues
o Visual and image based resource creation and delivery
o Implementing digital resources
o Digital preservation

There will be visits to 2 institutions to see behind the scenes and receive expert presentations. For the London Digital Futures this will be the National Gallery and the National Archives.

Digital Futures is lead by Simon Tanner, Director of King’s Digital Consultancy Services, King’s College London and Tom Clareson, Director for New Initiatives, Lyrasis.

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