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Jisc Content Projects and the Discovery Principles

The Content Programme 2011-13’s call for proposals strongly advocated that projects should take account of the Discovery Task Force’s Open Metadata Principles. The programme commissioned a report to evaluate to what extent projects were able to implement these principles in the context of specific strands of programme work: creating OERs with digitised materials, mass digitisation and … Read more

Studies in discovery

Spotlight on the Digital is a co-design project which is exploring barriers to the discovery of digitised resources. The starting point is an assessment of a wide range of resources through a Discoverability Diagnosis but equally we need to identify the changing needs of teachers, learners and researchers in relation to their online behaviour in … Read more

Not content!

As Jisc’s current content programme is reaching its conclusion, it has become increasingly apparent to me that, if we are to innovate we have to take risks, we have to experiment and test new ideas and we have to make mistakes. It is a preposterous idea that we can create a new environment for digital … Read more

Jisc appoints Wikimedian Ambassador

Jisc and Wikimedia UK are collaborating on a project to bring the academic world and Wikipedia closer together. This will create opportunities for researchers, educators, and the general public to contribute to the world’s freely available knowledge. We are very pleased to be working with Dr Martin Poulter of the University of Bristol who is … Read more

New digital collections from Jisc #2

Here are some more highlights of the new digital collections which have been produced as part of the Jisc Content programme 2011-13. – Old Maps Online Old Maps allows the user to search for online digital historical maps across numerous different collections via a geographical search. – Manuscripts Online Manuscripts Online enables you to search … Read more

Jisc seeks a Wikimedian Ambassador

For some time now it has been evident that the academic community are becoming more involved in the improvement of information on Wikipedia and see it as a means of disseminating open scholarly information. For example take a look at this oii project. Jisc has,over the last decade, worked closely with many institutions to develop … Read more

Innovation, innovation, innovation

The development of image matching functionality for the Bodleian Library’s Integrated Broadside Ballad Archive is one of those innovations which arise during a Jisc Programme. Often we do not make too much of these innovations. Perhaps we think that they are par for the course; a natural consequence of being involved in innovative programmes of … Read more

3D Scanning: three-dimensional artefacts from the past, for the future – part 4

Guest post from John Hindmarch, a PHD candidate at UCL’s Department of Engineering, reporting on 3D Scanning: Three-dimensional Artefacts from the Past, for the Future, held in Cambridge on 10 and 11 December 2012. Every time I attend a conference – or any meeting of those involved with cultural heritage and scanning, I’m always impressed … Read more

3D Scanning: three-dimensional artefacts from the past, for the future – part 2

Guest post, from Seana Farrington a PHD candidate at University College Cork, reporting on 3D Scanning: Three-dimensional Artefacts from the Past, for the Future, held in Cambridge on 10 adn 11 December 2012 Representing Reformation: 3D Scanning and Documentation Conference: Day 1 This two day conference convened by Phillip Lindley (University of Leicester) was primarily … Read more

Some new things

We are very pleased that three projects from the Content Programme have recently launched their web resources though they are still working to complete them. They all provide fantastic material for online Science teaching. The Open Science Laboratory is an Open University initiative to provide innovative Science resources. JISC has supported the development of two … Read more

Keeping it all going

On 9 November 2012, the projects within the programme gathered together in Bristol with another JISC programme, Digging into Data, to learn more about approaches to sustainability. This has been a topic close to our hearts for some time now. We are very concerned to ensure that resources are kept available over the long-term. As … Read more

Endings and new beginnings

This post highlights some recent updates from individual project blogs which are authored as part of JISC’s current Content Programme. The programme is divided into strands, some of which will be completing in January 2013 and projects were asked to articulate what they perceive as their value and to describe their strategies for sustainability, topics … Read more

JISC Communications and dissemination workshop

On 5 October JISC’s Content Programme 2011-13 projects will assemble in London to share knowledge about communication and dissemination. There will also be opportunity to hear about best practice approaches to marketing using traditional and new media channels. This event will be led by Rosemary Stamp of Stamp Consulting with contributions from EDiNA’s Social Media … Read more

Virtuous and vicious circles

There is an increasing focus within JISC’s Content Programme on social media, mobile technologies and multi-channel communications. We have moved away from being merely concerned with the practices of digitisation, and with core technologies such as metadata or website development. Projects are discovering that the way people use and interact with resources is critical to … Read more