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Digitisation of English placenames (DEEP) project data

I thought I would post links to  data from a big project we funded some time back to capture English historical place-names. The data drives the Historical Gazetteer of England’s Place-names where you can search for individual modern forms to find the historical name.

We had previously provided an automated system for using the data in place-name research  via our Unlock service. As that service has been discontinued, I am providing links to the raw MADS (Metadata Authority Description Schema) files, which you can download and use if you are want to develop your own system.

The Digitisation of English Place-names MADS data is licensed to Jisc by the English Place Names Society and released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. You can also find a simple list of all the links to the files here (note that the list on that page does not display the county names).

Creative Commons Licence

Links to the counties

Bedfordshire Derbyshire 2 Essex Lincolnshire 2 Warwickshire Nottinghamshire
Berkshire Derbyshire 3 Gloucestershire Lincolnshire 3 West Riding of Yorkshire Oxfordshire
Berkshire 2 Devon Gloucestershire 2 Lincolnshire 4 West Riding of Yorkshire 2 Oxfordshire 2
Buckinghamshire Devon 2 Gloucestershire 3 Lincolnshire 5 West Riding of Yorkshire 3 Rutland
Cambridgeshire Dorset Hertfordshire Lincolnshire 6 West Riding of Yorkshire 4 Shropshire
Cheshire Dorset 2 Huntingdonshire Middlesex West Riding of Yorkshire 5 Shropshire 2
Cheshire 2 Dorset 3 Leicestershire Norfolk West Riding of Yorkshire 6 Shropshire 3
Cheshire 3 Dorset 4 Leicestershire 2 Norfolk 2 Westmorland Staffordshire
Cheshire 4 Durham Leicestershire 3 North Riding of Yorkshire Westmorland 2 Surrey
Cumberland East Riding of Yorkshire Leicestershire 4 Northamptonshire Wiltshire Sussex
Derbyshire Eskdale Ward Lincolnshire The Isle of Ely Worcestershire Sussex 2

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