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Improving acquisition of Digital Archival Collections – call for participation

Jisc is looking to design a new service to support Higher Education (HE) institutions to develop a more strategic approach to the acquisition of digital archival collections. We are inviting up to 12 HE libraries to participate in a pilot to help us identify, specify, and quantify information and data which supports a more informed […]


What would a UK Digital Collection look like? Or why we don’t really need one.

What would a UK Digital Collection look like? A glittering digital library or museum, with informative stunning, collections that represent the UK? A series of artworks, scientific discoveries, images, poems, documents, performances and programmesthat have played an essential role in shaping and informing UK society. But that word ‘represents’ is a really thorny one. Who […]

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In the news: National Archives and Microsoft partnership

The Guardian reports today that the National Archives and Microsoft have announced a partnership to prevent what was described as a “digital dark age”. Microsoft has worked with the archives and the British Library to install the Virtual PC 2007, allowing users to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on the same computer, and unlock what […]