Clustering content Europe wide

It’s great to see the Europeana Collections 1914-18 project get under way, bringing together sizeable digital collections from a range of European librares, and focussing them on a particular theme – in this case World War One The concept of clustering of digital content on a particular topic has been on the radar for a […]


What would a UK Digital Collection look like? Or why we don’t really need one.

What would a UK Digital Collection look like? A glittering digital library or museum, with informative stunning, collections that represent the UK? A series of artworks, scientific discoveries, images, poems, documents, performances and programmesthat have played an essential role in shaping and informing UK society. But that word ‘represents’ is a really thorny one. Who […]

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Don’t Take Alcoholic Drinks on Mondays

1916 poster, published by the National Organising Committee for War Savings Taken from the collection, Imperial War Museum: Posters of Conflict – The Visual Culture of Public Information and Counter Information, hosted by the Visual Arts Data Service. The image also featured on the facebook page for Europeana

Digitisation priorities Europe

Digitisation in Europe – The New Renaissance

The European Union’s Comite’ des Sages recently published The New Renaissance, a proud call-to-arms for the digitisation of Europe’s cultural heritage. There are plenty of questions it raises and some of the recommendations will be very difficult to put into practice. But as a lofty statement of intent it’s a powerful document and very welcome, […]