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Cartoons and war make the news

Giles cartoonJISC-funded digitisation projects have been getting a good press recently, with two recent project launches garnering coverage in a range of major media outlets.

The First World War Poetry Digital Archive at the University of Oxford was launched to coincide with the 90th anniversary of Armistice Day. Amid the wealth of first world war coverage in the media over that week, the project secured a news story in the Telegraph and a gallery of images in the Guardian.

Kent University’s British Cartoon Archive also caught the imagination of journalists – and picture editors.

A column by Libby Purves in the Times saw a huge number of visitors going to the site after Purves celebrated Giles and the archive with the words

“…when you grow tired of piffling celebrity, mealy-mouthed nannyism, alarmist pessimism and economic whining, go there for an antidote. “

The Independent previewed the archive in glowing terms and its in-house cartoonist, Dave Brown, selected his favourites, while the Guardian reports how Giles “slaughtered” Rupert Bear. The launch was also covered by the BBC and Channel 4.

Details of all the press coverage can be found on the JISC website.

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