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Prioritising Digitisation

One of the most difficult aspects of developing a digitisation strategy is deciding how you will prioritise your digitisation work

Fragile manuscripts, fading newspapers, valuable coins, hidden audio recordings, historical texts and the like all clamour for the right to be digitised first.

The JISC Digitisation Programme recognises this is a difficulty and therefore issued an ITT, along with the Research Information Network, to look into the matter: PRIORITISING DIGITISATION: ESTABLISHING USERS’ NEEDS FOR DIGITISED CONTENT IN UK HE INSTITUTIONS.

Invitations are now invited for proposals.

The aims of the study are

  • identify priority collections for potential digitisation housed within UK HE’s libraries, archives, museums as well as faculties and departments
  • assess users’ needs and demand for special collections to be digitised across all disciplines, including the life and physical sciences as well as the arts, humanities and social sciences
  • produce a synthesis of available knowledge about users’ needs with regard to usability and format of digitised resources
  • provide recommendations for a strategic approach to digitisation within the wider context and activity of leading players both in the public and commercial sector

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