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Communities and online collections

The Great War Archive web site, part of the JISC-funded First World War Poetry Digital Archive project, is a powerful example of how communities can be galvanised in the creation of a unique and poignant online resource for the benefit of the wider public. An article on the Times Higher Education Supplement “From no man’s […]

Islamic Studies Users

Requirements for digitised resources in Islamic Studies

Following the designation of Islamic Studies as a strategically important subject by the UK Government in June 2007, JISC commissioned a review of user requirements for digitised resources for researchers and teachers within higher education working in the field of Islamic Studies. The University of Exeter carried out the study and in their final report […]

Jisc digitisation programmes Projects 2006-2009 Users Web2.0

Is academia ready for Web 2.0?

As part of its development, the Pre-Raphaelite Resource digitisation project recently commissioned an audience research study to consult users about whether the inclusion of Web 2.0 features on a resource of this type would be useful or important to the education community. The report indicated that: ‚Äúthere is some readiness among the education community for […]


Large-scale preservation – not just science

The programme for the 4th International Digital Curation Conference, Radical Sharing: Transforming Science? has just been announced, and very interesting it is too. But in the rush to explore the issues related to the preservation of terabytes of astronomical or physical data, it’s worth remembering that it not just the sciences that are the preserve […]