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Promoting online special collections

A recent blog post on Digitization 101 pointed to the article Online Digital Special Collections in English Universities: Promoting Awareness.

This article is a useful read for those involved in the creation of digital collections and responsible for their take-up once material is available online.

The author proposes a number of practical tips on activities and opportunities that can be exploited to raise awareness of an institution’s own digital special collections focusing on specific areas such as:

– making promotion important
– gaining more ‘power’ within own institution
– opportunities
– raising awareness
– contextual and promotional information
– targeting audiences
– access and use

Although projects involved in digitisation activity might have already thought, at some point or another during their project, of similar ways of engaging with their audiences, it’s useful to bring it all together as in here.

The template provided by the author can also be used as a basis on which to build a digitisation project’s Marketing and Communication strategy.

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