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Gateways to content MediaHub / CultureGrid / Europeana

JISC is looking for digital content projects interested in having links to their resources from two gateways, MediaHub and CultureGrid (and by extension a third, Europeana) MediaHub (currently in development for 2011) will provide access to image, video and audio resources in Higher and Further Education. It evolves from the Vision and Sound Portal at […]

Europe portals

Europeana slips back onto our screens

With somewhat less fanfare than its original launch, when thousands of budding Europeans scrambled online to enter the search time “Mona Lisa”, the European cultural heritage portal Europeana has gone online. The portal and design seems quite impressive, and technically, there appear to be few glitches. However, the level of metadata is quite disappointing – […]

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Portal for European heritage available online (sort of)

The European Union’s Europeana portal project was launched yesterday, offering user access to a wealth of cultural heritage content, harvested from the continent’s museums, archives and libraries. There has been some scepticism about the long-term success of the project, especially in regards to its sustainability model and it’s ability to deflect users away from Google […]