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More funding for digital projects

The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) have recently announced £4m worth of funding for digital projects. This is a welcome development, particulary in the light of the fact that the AHRC has had no dedicated funding for ICT work since the cessation of its Resource Enhancement scheme. It has two particular strands, and projects … Read more

AHRC Postgraduate Studentship 2009 – Oxford Internet Institute

An AHRC doctoral studentship is available at the Oxford Internet Institute starting this fall. The studentship provides full fees and maintenance for eligible UK students, or full fees for eligible EU students. The area of study is Librarianship, Archives and Records Management, which is broadly defined and includes information communities and the use and management … Read more

Update on recent JISC e-Content calls

The JISC e-Content team has had plenty of calls and ITTs flying around recently. Here is where we are with them. The peer-review meeting for the JISC-NEH transatlantic collaboration grants has been held. 28 proposals were received, and these have now been whittled down to four. Assuming these four are ratified by the NEH Council … Read more

Special collections aren’t just curios

There’s an interesting and well-illustrated (in the print version at least) article on the variety and strength on special collections in UK universities in the 7 May version of the Times Higher. However, in focussing on the special collections as single curios, the article rather downplays the Importance that such collections can have within education. … Read more

Funding for workshops on digitisation and e-content

JISC has just released a funding call for applicants to organise workshops related to achievements and challenges in digitisation and e-content. Applications may come from in- or outside the HE sector. Potential topics that applicants can address pretty wide and include particular areas of technology (e.g. optical character recognition, 3D digitisation, visualisation); the relationship with … Read more

Funding for digital heritage questions

The AHRC have teamed up with British Telecom to provide funding related to digital cultural heritage Plenty of the questions relate to issues relevant to the JISC Digitisation Strategy From the briefing paper on the AHRC website, it says the research questions of interest are: • How can the availability and accessibility of heritage sites/cultural … Read more

Funding Opportunity: Rapid Innovation Grants

The Information Environment team has just released a new call for Rapid Innovation Grants.  Further details of the call are below: JISC invites institutions to submit funding proposals for grants to fund technical rapid innovation projects addressing priority areas. Proposals are sought under the following priority areas: Mashups of open data Aggregating tags and feeds … Read more

EU Funding for Digital Libraries and Content

The EU recently held a meeting in Luxembourg to inform potential applicants about their the ICT Policy Support Programme. 25million Euros have been allocated to the digital libraries strand with the specific objectives of Developing services to improve the usability of Europeana Aggregating content for Europeana Digitising content for Europeana Open access to scientific information … Read more

JISC Digitisation programme funding call: pre-announcement

The JISC Digitisation programme is pleased to announce that a new funding call will be issued shortly, towards the end February-beginning March 2009. The call will focus on 3 key themes: 1) institutional skills and strategies, including activities aimed at embedding digitisation into institutional strategies and practices, eg development of institutional skills, policies and capacity … Read more

Digital images for education: Community call

JISC and JISC Collections are pleased to announce a series of three tenders to provide digital images for use by the UK education community (schools, further education and higher education) under the title The JISC Collections/JISC Images for Education Project.  More details of this call are attached, and can be found by following the links … Read more

JISC plans for further international funding

Readers will recall that the JISC and the US National Endowment for the Humanities funded five transatlantic projects which were digitising material (such as the Shakespeare Quartos project) and creating tools for improving access to the digital material, like the Concordia project on ancient stone inscriptions. These are due to finish in March 2009. JISC … Read more

Issac Newton Podcasts and other new digitisation projects

JISC has just selected 25 diverse projects at UK universities that are going to receive £1.8m of funding in the ‘Enrich Digital Resources’ programme. The support has been allocated to projects designed to benefit both researchers and learners, to improve existing digital content and to digitise new materials for sustainable access in the future. The … Read more