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EU Funding for Digital Libraries and Content


The EU recently held a meeting in Luxembourg to inform potential applicants about their the ICT Policy Support Programme.

25million Euros have been allocated to the digital libraries strand with the specific objectives of

  • Developing services to improve the usability of Europeana
  • Aggregating content for Europeana
  • Digitising content for Europeana
  • Open access to scientific information
  • Use of heritage content for education

For those wanting further detail on the call, Kate Fernie produced a report on the meeting on behalf of JISC.

3 replies on “EU Funding for Digital Libraries and Content”

My name is Andreas Christodoulou responsible
for audiovisual and broadcasting issues in
the Ministry of Interior in the Republic of Cyprus.
At the moment we are coordinating the various
government departments and independent agencies
involved in digitisation of cultural content in
Cyprus and we need your assistance for submitting
a proposal for funding from the ICP Policy Support Programme: Digital Libraries before the
deadline of June 2, 2009.
We seek your guidance how to go about submitting
proposals for the following sectors –
Digitisation of audiovisual content belonging to
(a) the Public Broadcaster Archive
(b) Press and Information Office Cinema Archive
(c) Press and Information Office Photographic Archive
Digitisation of the local press
(a) Press and Information Office Press Archive
Digitisation of Cyprus Libraries
(a) Cyprus National Library
Digitisation of Archives
(a) Cyprus National Archives
Digitisation of Museum Artefacts
(a) Cyprus National Museum
(b) Pierides Museum in Larnaca
And so on.
Please help us find our way to step up
the digitisation process in our country
as we find ourselves well behind most
member states in this particular field.


Andreas Christodoulou
Head, Media Section
Ministry of Interior
Republic of Cyprus

Dear Andreas,
for assistance on applying to this EU programme, you’ll have to contact the relevant EU office,a s JISC is not involved in this. You will find some urls for more information on the programme in the document by Kate Fernie mentioned at the end of this blog post,

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