Collaboration Funding

JISC plans for further international funding

Readers will recall that the JISC and the US National Endowment for the Humanities funded five transatlantic projects which were digitising material (such as the Shakespeare Quartos project) and creating tools for improving access to the digital material, like the Concordia project on ancient stone inscriptions. These are due to finish in March 2009.

JISC and NEH are currently considering how best to take this forward and are currently scoping a second phase of the projects. Whilst these plans are not finalised, JISC and NEH are considering funding two or three more transatlantic projects to start in Summer 2009, with a call likely to be made in December 2008.

These projects are likely to be larger in size than the original projects, with each partner receiving £100k – £150k ($150k – $225k).

Details all of all future JISC calls (until March 2009) are available on the JISC Road Map

More details will be posed on this blog and on the website as they are finalised.

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