Spotlight workshop at the Jisc DigiFest

As part of the Jisc Digital Festival in Birmingham the Spotlight team will be holding the workshop Top tips on how to improve the discoverability of your digitised collections on Tue 11 March 2.30-3.30pm (Hall 11b).

The session will focus on practical advice and guidance on what creators and managers of digitised collections can do to improve the discoverability of their resources and ensure they are found by teachers, learners, researchers and the public at large.

No particular technical knowledge is expected. Delegates are encouraged to “bring the URL” of the collection they want to test and also bring a laptop/tablet.

Anyone considering attending the Spotlight workshop will find it useful to access the following documents:

1) The Web assessment handout, 140311-Web-Assessment-handout.docx, which provides some background to the Spotlight work

2) The Web Assessment scorecard,140311 Web Assessment Scorecard, to test the discoverability of collections

3) The feedback form, 140311 Spotlight Guidebook Feedback, for the online guidebook Make sure your resources are easier to discover that was produced by the Spotlight project.

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