Important updates for bidders to JISC eContent Capital programme

If you are planning to submit a proposal to the current JISC eContent Capital programme 06/11, please note the following guidance updates:

Appendices: as stated in the funding call in paragraph 128, no extra appendices are allowed to be included in addition to the ones requested by the Call for proposals (FOI tick list and supporting letters).

Funding range for Strand B projects: the funding range for projects in Strand B is between £150,000-£750,000 as stated in the Call.

The relevant slides (16 and 31) from the briefing day have been updated and are available here (see bottom of the page).

If applicants have already prepared additional appendices, they should incorporate any crucial information into the main body of the proposal and not submit any extra appendices.

Apologies if this has created any confusion.

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