Clustering and Sustaining Digital Resources: some case studies

JISC has just published the reports from its 2009-11 Content Programme in multiple formats, including ePub for eBook readers.

There were two strands to the programme, and the case studies in the report will be useful for those who wish to

a) develop digitisation strategies within their own institutions
b) create websites that cluster together digital content from disparate sources

Some of the examples of the projects featured in the report include

  • Connected Histories, which combines search results over 11 large historical resources. (University of Sheffield)
  • RunCoCo, which provided support and guidance for those undertaking crowdsourcing projects. . (University of Oxford)
  • CHICC, which explored setting up a conservation and digitisation centre of expertise at the University of Manchester
  • Visualising China, which draws together images and videos relating to Historic China. (University of Bristol)

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