Presentations – New Strategies for Digital Content

JISC hosted the New Strategies for Digital Content conference in London on March 18 2011.

The event looked at two themes

  • the need for institutions to develop the necessary skills and strategies to embed digitisation within institutional strategies and practices as well as devise effective business models for the long term sustainability of digitised content
  • the need to break down silos of content by clustering existing and complementary digitised resources and enhancing their offerings, thus making them more relevant and usable for target users
  • Presentations and links related to the day are below.

    Paola Marchionni, New Strategies for Digital Content

    Nancy Maron, Sustainability Myths

    Andy McGregor, Joining Up Content

    Alastair Dunning, Impact, Aggregation, Partnership

    Peter Kaufman’s presentation, Partnerships and Things is available to download as a pdf

    Projects featured during break out sessions

    (Links to specific JISC-funded project are included)

    Morning Session 1

    LIFE-SHARE (University of Leeds),
    Centre for Digital Asia, Africa and the Middle East (SOAS),
    Look Here (Visual Arts Data Service)
    Digitisation at Leicester (University of Leicester)
    RunCoCo (University of Oxford)
    VERDI, University of Kent

    Morning Session 2

    CHICC (University of Manchester)
    • LSE Digitisation strategy (London School of Economics)
    OCRopodium (King’s College London)
    • Cambridge University Digitisation strategy (Cambridge University)
    • National History Museum

    Afternoon Session 1

    Connecting History (University of Sheffield)
    Visualising China (University of Bristol)
    Mass Observation Communities Online (University of Sussex)
    • National Library of Scotland

    Afternoon Session 2

    Clustering and Enhancing Digital Archives for Research (University of East London)
    Mapping Crime (University of Oxford)
    GrassPortal (University of Sheffield)
    • Black Country History (Wolverhampton Arts & Heritage)
    • Wellcome Trust Digital Library (Wellcome Trust)

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