Monthly Archives: March 2011

Digital Impacts: How to Measure and Understand the Usage and Impact of Digital Content

Registration is now open for Digital Impacts: How to Measure and Understand the Usage and Impact of Digital Content, 20 May 2011, Oxford. The question of how we can measure and understand the usage and impact of digital content within the education sector is becoming increasingly important. Substantial investment goes into the creation of digital … Read more

Saucy seaside postcards online

The recently JISC-funded Cartoon Archive Digitisation project (CARD) has caught the attention of the press recently. One of the collections that the University of Kent’s British Cartoons Archive will be digitising includes the Director of Public Prosecutions’ archive, which records the prosecution for obscenity of 1,300 cartoon seaside postcards between 1951 and 1961. The other … Read more

Final IMPACT Conference on OCR, October 2011, The Hague

The final conference of the IMPACT project will take place on 24-25 October 2011 at the British Library in London, with the title: “Digitisation & OCR: Better, faster, cheaper. Solutions of the IMPACT Centre of Competence and future challenges” The IMPACT Project (Improving Access to Text) started on 1st January 2008 with the aim to … Read more

Digitisation uncovers Suffolk witches

A 350-year-old notebook describing the execution of innocent women for ‘consorting with the Devil’ has been published online by The University of Manchester’s John Rylands library as part of the JISC funded Centre for Heritage Imaging and Collection Care (CHICC) project. The notebook was written by Puritan writer Nehemiah Wallington who describes how a supposed … Read more

One more award under the JISC Rapid Digitisation Call 16/10

An additional project joins the list of the winning proposals under the JISC Rapid Digitisation call 16/10. Early Music Online, Royal Holloway, Stephen Rose, £75,521 This is a pilot project that will digitise 300 volumes of the world’s earliest printed music from holdings at the British Library, and make them publicly accessible via the internationally-recognised … Read more

Some tips on writing a successful bid

Having recently announced the winning projects for the latest eContent (Strand A and Strand B) and Rapid Digitisation calls, as Programme Managers we’ve also had to provide feedback to the unsuccessful bids we received, many of which were nonetheless of a high quality. While going through the process, some common “feedback” patterns emerged, which might … Read more