Beyond Collections: Crowdsourcing for public engagement

If you are involved in crowdsourcing, collections or digital projects you are invited to attend a one day conference at Oxford University on 26th May which will celebrate the joys and challenges of community collections.

It will be hosted by the RunCoco project and sponsored by JISC. The conference will be of interest to learning technologists, librarians, museums, community groups, archivists and researchers.

Through ‘crowdsourced’ community collections the general public or members of a particular group are invited to contribute to a project by uploading their own content or adding information to existing resources.

This event will be an opportunity to reflect upon the range of models of crowdsourcing and community engagement projects in higher education.

The event will feature stories of success from Arfon Smith (The Zooniverse, Galaxy Zoo, Old Weather and Citizen Cyberscience), Valerie Wallace and Tim Causer (University College London), Jane Ellison (BBC), Mog (University of Glamorgan and the Welsh digital storytelling project), Chris Wild (The Retroscope), Hope Wolf (Kings College London), Gail Durbin (V&A) and Stuart Lee (The Great War Archive and Woruldhord).

The conference website is available now for registration at:

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