New JISC Funding for Digital Content and Educational Resources

HEFCE recently confirmed its capital funding for 2011-12, including the capital budget for JISC. This means that JISC are planning the next round of calls within it various teams.

Within the eContent Programme, there will be further funds for digitisation and content. Current thinking is tending toward the bullet points below

  • Call for large digitisation projects, plus projects digitising material for Open Educational Resources Digitisation, plus embedding and innovation
  • Projects up to 750k, of up to 18 months
  • Funding to be made availble from late summer 2011
  • Call published before Easter, submissions mid-June
  • Town meetings will be arranged, physical or maybe virtual
  • Which institutions will be eligible to lead bids, and the source of collections to be digitised are still to be decided

Please note that none of these details is confirmed. However, funding will be available and potential applications are advised to start planning outline projects.

Further information will be made available via this blog and also via the JISCmail list JISC-Digital-Content.

Details about all JISC calls are made via the JISC website and the mailing list JISC-Announce

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