Making Metadata Fun

Some innovative projects have started introducing games to their digital resources in order to enhance their metadata The Galaxy Zoo astronomy site has just launch a new game which allows users to help suggest how galaxy collision and mergers took place. Google Image Labeller has been around for a few years; you are randomly paired […]


Why Are Users So Useful?: User Engagement and the Experience of the JISC Digitisation Programme

In the most recent edition of Ariadne magazine, JISC Programme Manager Paola Marchionni has reviewed how some of the ways that JISC-funded digitisation projects have engaged their audiences, showing how digitisation projects have developed new ideas and learnt from previous mistakes to ensure that their digital resource is seen and used by a wide range […]

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British Cartoon Archive Workshop

The British Cartoon Archive recently ran a workshop which aimed at allowing this important resource to increase both its functionality and embed the resource further within teaching and research. The final report from the workshop is now available. Further information about the workshop and the Cartoon archive can be found on the Workshop Website

GIS workshops

The Cultural Heritage of Historic European Cities and Public Participatory GIS

‘The Cultural Heritage of Historic European Cities and Public Participatory Geographic Information Systems (GIS)’ was the title of a recent workshop held at the University of York. The workshop explored the potential for GIS to deliver greatly improved access to urban heritage resources of all kinds to the general public and to the academy. The […]


High Volume Digitisation and Robot Technology

A recent JISC funded Digitisation workshop, held at the Birmingham City University explored the subject of High Volume Digitisation and some of the trends, issues and robot technology that are involved in such undertakings. Leading speakers and demonstrators from across the UK and Europe contributed to a comprehensive programme of events, open sessions and demonstrations. […]

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Learning Impact Awards Competition 2010

Don’t procrastinate! Submit your nominations now for the Learning Impact Awards and Recognition Program. Nominations for the 2010 Global Competition are due by 31 December 2009. It’s easy to submit your nominations, just fill out the nomination form online. The Learning Impact Awards (aka LIAs) recognize the use of technology to support and enhance learning, […]

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Visualising Climate Change

“The further back you look the further forward you see” – Winston Churchill As part of JISC’s recently funded Digitisation Workshops series, climate scientists and researchers from across the world gathered at Met Office to discuss visualising climate data. Led by the international research initiative ACRE (Atmospheric Clirculation Reconstructions over the Earth) the workshop was […]