Projects 2006-2009 workshops

Visualising Climate Change


“The further back you look the further forward you see” – Winston Churchill

As part of JISC’s recently funded Digitisation Workshops series, climate scientists and researchers from across the world gathered at Met Office to discuss visualising climate data.

Led by the international research initiative ACRE (Atmospheric Clirculation Reconstructions over the Earth) the workshop was able to discuss future work on areas such as:

  • recovery of historical data;
  • the weather reconstruction/reanalysis itself, and:
  • the use of the reanalysis outputs for climate science, applications and impacts studies and as a wider educational tool.

corral-images-001.jpgThe ACRE workshop builds on other Climate Research projects funded by JISC including the Historic Navy Log Books project (CORRAL) that is attempting to use 18th Century Navy logbooks to map historic climate patterns to help inform current climate research.

The workshop has produced a Report and further information and slides from the workshop can be found at the ACRE website.

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