High Volume Digitisation and Robot Technology

internet_archive_book_scanner_1.jpgA recent JISC funded Digitisation workshop, held at the Birmingham City University explored the subject of High Volume Digitisation and some of the trends, issues and robot technology that are involved in such undertakings.

Leading speakers and demonstrators from across the UK and Europe contributed to a comprehensive programme of events, open sessions and demonstrations.

The workshop helped demystified the terms ‘high volume, industrial scale and mass digitisation’ through a very practical demonstration of the step by step process with digital scanners and integrated software for OCR and metadata creation, aimed at practitioners and colleagues across the HE and FE community interested in large scale digitisation initiatives (LSDIs).

Common themes that emerged included:

  • the importance for preparation and planning,
  • measuring impact and feasibility studies,
  • setting realistic scalable goals and solutions,
  • deciding on in-house or outsourcing, and;
  • digital access v digital preservation

Presentations and notes form the workshop are available from the Birmingham City University website.

The report from the workshop is also available from the JISC website.

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