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From Botanical Research to Murder Most Foul: 11 new e-Content Projects begin

The 14-15th October saw the first Programme Meeting for the 11 new projects that from the new e-Content Programme.

The meeting is an opportunity for projects to meet each other and share ideas and inspirations, as well as an opportunity for programme managers to meet all the projects in one space.

Meeting the Projects

The day began with a JISC Quiz and the projects delivering a 3 minute presentation outlining the work they’re doing.

These included the fascinating GrassPortal which demonstrated how being able to plot the spread of invasive grasses can help save rare topical forests from fires, through to Connected Histories  which used the example of William Payne of Bell Yard to show the importance of being able to bring together disperate historical resources for the benefit of researchers and teachers.

Embedding and Sustaining Projects

Hilary Grierson from Strathclyde University gave a very imformative presentation on how projects can align the work they are doing to institutional strategies.

JISC and Project Management

After lunch Poala Marchionni, JISC Programme Manager, gave a presentation on what JISC expects from projects and what projects can expect to recieve from JISC.  

Alastair Dunning, JISC Programme Manager, then gave a very innovative presentation on some of the lessons learnt from the phase two digitisation projects.  These lessons include: Cool URLs; design for websites, and usability testing.

Alastair’s presentation can be found here.

Comms and Marketing

Finally, Jane Charlton, JISC Communications Coordinator, gave a presentation on Communication and Marketing for the projects, and what support and guidance JISC can give projects.

To find out more about the 11 projects that make up the eContent Programme you can visit the eContent webpage.  

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