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High Volume Digitisation: Issues, Trends & Innovative Robot Tech

The workshop This free workshop focuses on high-volume digitisation of bound materials e.g. books, manuscripts, newspapers, magazines, registers and ephemera. This is a growing area of interest for technical and project managers, practitioners and researchers, and useful for anyone interested in what is also known as ‘mass’ or Large Scale Digitisation Initiatives (LSDIs). Bringing together … Read more

The challenges of “useful” OCR

The National Archive’s digitisation project, British Governance in the 20th century – Cabinet Papers, 1914-1975, has been grappling with issues of “useful” OCR. It might be stating the obvious, but accurate OCR is as useful as the search results it produces. If OCRd text consistently misspells particularly relevant key words for retrieving certain documents, than … Read more

Digitise a book in 15 minutes!

JISC recently met with representatives of QIDENUS TECHNOLOGIES, who are prototyping new robotic book scanning technologies. QiScan RBSpro is a fully automated robotic scanner that uses a robotic rubber “finger”, and no suction technologies, to turn the pages of a book. The “finger” senses the type of paper and the machine sets the right angle … Read more