Launch: British Association for the Advancement of Science (BAAS) – Collections on the History of Science (1830s-1970s)

Join us on 19 May to discover how you could advance your research with the British Association for the Advancement of Science (BAAS) – Collections on the History of Science (1830s-1970s) digital archive.

This innovative resource has been created through a collaboration between Jisc and Wiley, and the contribution of fourteen British universities with their unique collections documenting scientific discovery in the UK.

Chaired by Geoff Browell, head of archives and research collections at King’s College London, this online session will be led by two speakers, Robert Fox emeritus professor of the history of science, University of Oxford, and Amanda Faulkner, Ph.D. candidate in history, Columbia University.

Each speaker will present using examples from the BAAS digital archive. Robert’s presentation will delve into the role and place of science and humanities in contemporary society, while Amanda examines the use of historic databases to generate new insights into the history of science.

Nearing 1 million pages with over 90% being digitally available for the first time, this digital archive documents the efforts of the British scientific community to establish science as a professional activity and turn Britain into a globally competitive centre for science.

Register for this free event

The collection is free to all Jisc members. If your institution hasn’t subscribed yet, you can do so through Jisc. If you are outside of the UK, contact Wiley for a free trial.

You can read more about the archive on the Wiley Digital Archives website, how it has been used in research, teaching and learning or about some of the collections included from King’s College and the University of Liverpool.

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