See you in Birmingham for DCDC 2019!

DCDC (Discovering Collections, Discovering Communities) has always been my go-to conference when it comes to digital resources. Each year, the topics are engaging and thought-provoking, providing a forum to connect with colleagues working on opening up access to collections across the UK and beyond. It also perfectly suits my work in providing advice on resource discovery for digital collections.

My first DCDC was in 2014, co-presenting a session called ‘Finding and Using Digital Collections: Do we need new tools?’ It memorably involved a Terry’s* chocolate orange as an audience prize – and if you stop by our booth this year, I’ll tell you how that turned out!

I’ll be focusing this year on measuring impact for digital collections beyond what web analytics can offer, with Peter Findlay showcasing case studies on the use of digital content in learning and teaching. Other colleagues will be convening a workshop to help shape a more strategic and coordinated approach to digitisation.

I’m continually amazed at the ways collections owners demonstrate impact. One of the deeply moving topics of DCDC 2018 was ‘Places for remembering? Archives and dementia care,’ featuring the work of the Boots Archive creating memory boxes for those with dementia.

This year Dr Owen Barden will shine a light on historical depiction of those with learning disabilities via the UKMHL (UK Medical Heritage Library) texts and what has and hasn’t changed from then to now. It’s on my must-see list this year.

You can check out all the Jisc-related and other conference sessions here.

Hopefully we’ll see you in Birmingham. If not, we’ll update you on all things DCDC after the event.

[*Other brands may be available!]

By Karen Colbron

I focus on access and use of digital content in learning, teaching and research.

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