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Independent Voices – pledging and licencing fees

The Independent Voices collection by US-based organisation Reveal Digital follows a cost-recovery open access model. Once digitisation and related costs have been recovered through a library crowdfunding model, the collection goes on open access. This is scheduled to be in 2019.

In the US, 96 libraries have already pledged their support to Independent Voices. In the UK, Jisc Collections has negotiated particularly favourable pledging and licencing fees for Higher Education (HE) institutions to join this innovative model.

UK institutions will be able to pledge and subscribe to Independent Voices on the Jisc Collections web site as for all other Jisc Collections’ framework agreements shortly. In the meantime, below are the pledging and licencing fees for UK HE institutions:

Jisc bands 1&2: £5,453
Jisc bands 3&4: £2,727
Jisc bands 5A&5B: £1,801
Jisc bands 6-10: £1,365

Half of the amount pledged by UK HE libraries will go towards the digitisation of UK alternative press content for inclusion in Independent Voices, and UK-pledging libraries will be able to set the content priorities.

If you are interested and would like mroe information, please contact Paola Marchionni at

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