Does social media increase discovery of digitised collections?

As part of the Spotlight on the Digital project, which aims to provide practical solutions on how creators and managers of digitised collections can make it easier for people to find (discover) their collections, our Expert group suggested we look into the role social media might play in this.

We would like to investigate whether social media or other forms of online collaboration/community have a direct impact on increasing the discoverability of a digitised collection.

For example, the Library of Congress has dramatically increased visibility and access to their photographic collections by publishing them on Flickr.

On the lake, tuxedo (LOC)
On the lake, tuxedo (LOC)

If you know of other similar examples, please comment on this blog or email with information on:

title of the collection: eg Library of Congress photo images
url of the collection: eg
brief description of the impact on discovery with any useful references if possible: eg Publishing on Flickr measurably increased access to these photos, see article Rethinking Evaluation Metrics in Light of Flickr Commons

Thank you

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