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Spotlight on the Digital is a co-design project which is exploring barriers to the discovery of digitised resources.

The starting point is an assessment of a wide range of resources through a Discoverability Diagnosis but equally we need to identify the changing needs of teachers, learners and researchers in relation to their online behaviour in the discovery and use of digital/digitised resoruces.

To this end we have been drawing up a list of useful literature surrounding these topics. The list is by no means comprehensive and it is not intended to be so. The rather grand title of ‘literature review’ is perhaps overblown, so I will call it a list. Besides informing our musings in general, its primary function is to support the development of use-cases for the following personas: postgraduate researcher, undergraduate student and university lecturer in HEIs.

We hope that you might be able to help us by adding to the list as we feel the crowd will have a broader view of the available sources. We’d be very grateful if you could put on your thinking cap and add any suitable sources. Or if you would prefer you can send your suggestions to

We would like to limit the search to literature produced in the last 5/6 years, unless there are essential seminal works which are still current.

Many thanks in advance for you help with this piece of work.

By Peter Findlay

Subject Matter Expert, Digital Scholarship, Content and Discovery, Jisc

Working with Jisc's Higher Education members to improve access to to their special collections in the age of data-centric arts, humanities and social science research.

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