New digital collections from Jisc #1

Here are highlights on some of the new digital collections which have been produced as part of the Jisc Content programme 2011-13.

These collections are particularly aimed at teachers and learners as a way of engaging students with digitised archival resources which would otherwise be hard for them to access. All collections are licenced under Creative Commons and are accompanied by a range of Open Educational Resources (OER) to contextualise the primary material.

Manufacturing pasts
A wide array of resources such as images, interviews, videos and interactive presentations on post-WW2 industrial changes in Britain.

Observing the 1980s
Documents from the Mass Observation Project directives, sound recordings and ephemera giving insights into British life in the 1980s as well as a range of learning resources such as infographics.

Original research data consisting of interviews with Spanish emigres turned into Open Educational Resources (OER). The project’s video explains how the team involved students in producing the final resources.

YouTube Preview Image

Contexts, Culture and Creativity: Enriching E-Learning in Dance
Digitised dance collections such as the Eilean Pearcey Archive, Kokuma Dance Theatre, V-TOL Dance Company and Yolande Snaith TheatreDance delivered via the Digital Dance Archives web site.

Zandra Rhodes Digital Study Collection
Images of garments and sketchbook bibles from icon fashion designer Zandra Rhodes and tutorials providing background on her work.

UK Virtual microscope for the Earth sciences
Hundreds of high resolution rock specimens and thin sections to zoom, pan, and rotate on a virtual microscope with background information including their location on an interactive map.

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