Jisc seeks a Wikimedian Ambassador

For some time now it has been evident that the academic community are becoming more involved in the improvement of information on Wikipedia and see it as a means of disseminating open scholarly information. For example take a look at this oii project.

Jisc has,over the last decade, worked closely with many institutions to develop rich content for teaching, learning and research but also to develop digital infrastructure, promote standards and improve the use of technology in learning. We are now delighted to offer the opportunity for academics to become involved in improving information relating to these activities.  Please find Jisc’s ITT for the Wikimedian Ambassador residency here.

By Peter Findlay

Digital Portfolio Manager, Content and Discovery, Jisc

I do stuff related to the production, consumption, and uses of content. Usually, I work with Jisc members and stakeholders to identify issues they may have. We then work together to find solutions through an innovation lifecycle.

I am a site admin for this website.

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