Forthcoming Content Calls – Issues on the JISC radar

As noted in a previous blog post, JISC is currently writing the request for proposals for applications related to the next round of content funding. Subject to approval by the relevant JISC subcommittee, there will be three strands.

Over the next few days, we’ll jot down some of the issues related to each of the three strands that will go to making up the overall call.

First off, Strand B) Large-Scale Digitisation

Issues that applicants will need to address will include the following:

Aggregation and Partnership

How are applicants working with others to help create an aggregated mass of content? How are other partners helping reach audiences or deliver online experiences that univerisites working by themselves could not achieve

Usage and Institutional Support

How will the resource being created develop a user base that will help impact on research and teaching at a national level? Will the institution leading the project show support for the resource in the long term, embedding it in teaching and research practice.

Access, IPR and Business Models

What is the business model that will support the resource in the long term? Are there complex IPR issues that must be addressed early on?


Will the metadata from the project be made openly available? Will metadata be easily harvestable, findable and re-usable by other sources? Will innovative methodologies like geo-tagging, natural language processing and APIs be used? Or other forms of innovative metadata creation?

Impact and Evaluation

Will the project have means of evaluating usage and impact embedded from the start of the project? Will they be able to react and respond to the results of such analysis once the initial project has ended?

Note: Strand B is likely to be open to any UK cultural or educational organisation who has content of note to higher and further education

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