Update on JISC funding for digital content

We’re still not in a position to give precise details on the forthcoming call for JISC digital content (and the hoped for early publication of details last month proved a little optimistic). However, we’ve been given permission to publicise the following.

Subject to confirmation from the appropriate JISC subcommittee, there will be three strands within the JISC Digital Content call.

A) Digitising for Open Educational Resources – digitising primary and other scholarly material for embedding in open access Open Educational Resources. Note there will also be a separate JISC OER Phase 3 programme.

B) Large-Scale Digitisation – Creating or extending high-impact, sustainable digital resources for research and teaching, according to a variety of business models.

C) Clustering Digital Content – Bringing together existing digital content from a variety of sources to create or extend high-impact resources for research and teaching.

Strand B is likely to be open to any UK cultural or educational organisation who has content of note to higher and further education

We are currently writing the Requests for Proposals.

The call is likely to be issued in early June. It may well be joined up with calls from other areas JISC covers. Closing date is likely to be early August.

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[…] As part of the funding for digital content and digitisation, some funding is going to be made available for digitising content for use in open educational resources. This will be a complementary activity to the OER Programme continuation, and a way to bring together what we know about creating good digital content with what we know about compiling open resources for educational use. Initial details are available on the digital content team blog. […]

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