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Exporting metadata to portals

As an addition to its successful Freeze Frame digitisation project, JISC asked the University of Cambridge’s Scott Polar Research Institute to explore what was needed to export their collection of 20,000 digitised images to portals such as Europeana and Flickr, as well as to commerical image providers.

P2007/16/83. Title: The ‘Benjamin Bowring’ in Polarbjorn Buchte (on the Greenwich Meridian) where we. . unloaded our cargo for the Antarctic sector of the Transglobe Expedition

The request led the Institute to a full-scale overhaul of they managed and exported their images, and the report on the JISC website provides plenty of useful detail on their thinking behind the change, plus some recommendations for others in similar circumstances.

Some of the key findings from the full report (pdf file) are :

  • Metadata is often created in the context of a single, localised website rather than for re-use on other sites.
  • Creating shareable metadata needs much greater attention to keywords, credits and rights.
  • Institutions that are serious about exporting their content need to build rigourous image management processes to avoid data export becoming a laborious manual task.
  • Development of such systems can then also help provide sophisticated management of internal processes.
  • Personnel and structures at the portals often change making it difficult for content providers to build working partnerships.
  • Evaluating the success of exporting metadata or content to others’ portals is a particularly tricky business.

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