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European Digital Libraries Funding Opportunities


The European Community recently held a meeting in Luxembourg to inform potential applicants about their the ICT Policy Support Programme.

30 million Euros have been allocated to the digital libraries strand which aims to improve accessibility, use and preservation of Europe’s rich and diverse cultural and scientific heritage.

The call is broken up into six objectives, three focussing on cultural content and Europeana.  The other three focus on ‘scientific’ information and the wider issues surrounding digital libraries.

Three objectives relate to Europeana:

  • Coordinating Europeana

  • Enhancing/Aggregating content in European

  • Digitising content for Europeana

Three more objectives relate to further actions in the wider area of digital libraries:

  • Access to European Rights

  • Information / Registry of Orphan WorksOpen access to scientific information

  • Statistics on cultural heritage digitisation activities

For those wanting further details on the call, I have produced a report outlining the details of the call.

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