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Scholars and digital resources – an unconference

One of the findings from the measuring impact study was the importance of not relying on quantitative statistics. Seductive as they are, the array of numbers from a Google Analytics report do not tell the whole story.

Considered feedback, review and criticism direct from the intended users are just, as if not more, important.

However getting such qualitative commentary can be difficult. Focus groups and the like take time and effort to set up.

This is why it us encouraging to see an entire conference being organised on the relationship of a digital resource to the schoilarly work it is encouraging.

The London Lives ‘unconference’ is inviting contributions from anyone whose research will benefit from use of the London Lives website– an enhanced resource that will will provide access to primary sources containing 240,000 pages of manuscripts sources, and 3.2 million names, reflecting the history of eighteenth-century London.

The event takes place in July 2010 and further details are available on the conference website. The London Lives resource itself will be available in March 2010

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