The Visual Archive: The Moving Image and Memory

The Visual Archive: The Moving Image and Memory is an international workshop taking place on 28- 29 May in Milton Keynes, and organsied by the Open University in partnership with the British Film Institute.

As the web site explains:

This workshop directs attention to the visual archive, particularly archives of moving images, and the role they play in the (re)production, organisation, and contestation of collective memory. These archives are currently experiencing a significant period of change and reassessment, stemming from the impact of digitisation and the challenges and possibilities this presents for their organisation and accessibility.

The workshop will also see the launch of the British Film Institute’s JISC-funded InView: Moving images in the public sphere digitisation project, which is digitising over 600 hours of material from a variety of broadcasters tracing how the key social, political and economic issues of our time have been represented, illustrated, and debated through moving image media forms.

This project is complementary to a previously JIS-funded digitisation project, Newsfilm Online, which has digitised over 3,000 hours of selected footage from the ITN/Reuters archives covering the 20th century.

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