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Getting Your Resource Noted: Penguins, Icebergs and Heroes

The recently launched Freeze Frame project, which has digitised over 20,000 images of historic polar expeditions, has achieved phenomenal interest in the press.

Debenham and Taylor in the ice, 20 December 1910

The press page on the JISC website lists 32 news articles or features, including an audio slideshow on the BBC website, and articles in newspapers as diverse as the Scotsman, the Daily Mirror and the magazine Computer Active.

Offering the press eye-catching images such as the one featured here certainly help but a number of other issues also aided the project gain such recognition

  • Having particular stories to about the images to tie into the images (in this case Scott’s journey to the Antarctic)
  • Identifying a press day for the media to visit to take photographs, undertake interviews and get quotes
  • Having a clear URL for the website accessible to all
  • Support from a PR agency to contact media outlets to offer the story (JISC has offered this service to all its large-scale digitisation projects)

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