Want Google to get interested in digitising your collection?

Google have a form you can fill in. It’s as simple as that – definitely more straightforward than a JISC proposal (!)

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Art on Google Earth – Good but not good enough

There has been plenty of publicity about the eye-wateringly beautiful digital images produced by Madrid’s Prado museum in association with Google Earth. Detail from Rubens’ The Three Graces, Prado Museum, Madrid. Taken from Google Earth. Contrary to what some art critics have written, this is, in some ways, a more powerful experience than seeing the […]

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Digitisation and Search Engine Optimisation

Improving your online presence is an essential component of any digitsation project; without visitors to your site there is little point having the material digitised and available online. Much of the web’s curent usability is dependent upon the effectiveness and effeciency of web crawlers, most prominent among these is, of course, the Google bot.  The […]

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Millions more newspapers pages to be available on Google

Today Google announced that they are launching: “an initiative to make more old newspapers accessible and searchable online by partnering with newspaper publishers to digitize millions of pages of news archives.” This adds to the large amount of existing online newspaper content, by publications such as the New York Times and the Washington Post, that […]

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Librarians on the way out?

The JISC and BL-commissioned Google Generation report highlights a number of key points that will have an effect on current and future digitisation projects. That librarians need to radically re-think their position and tasks to avoid becoming outdated in the face of tools like Google. It is not just the ‘kids of today’ that dumb […]

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Podcast: Why is Google showing us the way forward in digitisation? asks senior UK librarian

The recent LIBER-EBLIDA workshop on digitisation of library material in Europe explored some important challenges facing national and university libraries across the continent as they attempt to join together to deliver a “European Digital Library”. In this podcast interview Paul Ayris, librarian at University College London and a senior figure in these European developments, depicts […]

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The importance of media literacy

Members of the JISC Digitisation Programme attended the Educa Online e-learning conference in Berlin at the end of November 2007. Andrew Keen, author of The Cult of the Amateur: How Today’s Internet Is Killing Our Culture, was one of the key speakers at the conference. He made an impassioned attack on what he saw as […]