Podcasts on Artificial Intelligence and the humanities

The first podcast in our new mini-series, Is AI for me? Perspectives from the humanities, is out!

First episode
In The highs and lows of artificial intelligence, Melissa Terras, Professor of Digital Cultural Heritage at the University of Edinburgh, talks to me about the critical issues around the use of AI in humanities scholarship.

Melissa has been working at the juncture between computational sciences and the humanities for over 20 years. We discuss the tradition of computational approaches to the humanities and its intricacies, the pitfalls of machine learning, disinformation, and ethics. We also look to the future at what support is needed and end with thoughts on what AI can do for the humanities and what the humanities can do for AI.

The podcast mini-series
Is AI for me? Perspectives from the humanities is a mini-series that is part of the Jisc Research Talk podcasts.

There’s been an outburst of AI-talk in the last few months, but it’s not often that we hear about what it means to engage with AI in the context of the humanities.

Over six episodes, my colleague Peter Findley and I will be talking to researchers and informational professionals who will share their views, experiences and work to help us understand AI’s place in today’s humanities scholarship.

This mini-series will provide an overview for non-specialists, on the context, opportunities and challenges relating to the adoption of AI within humanities scholarship, and will discuss, among other things, research practice and multidisciplinary teams, working with complex humanities data sets, skills, the role of libraries and data providers, major AI projects, and offer a gaze into the future.

Next episodes
Watch this space for the next two episodes with Prof Jane Winters and Dr James Baker.

We will then take a little Summer break and my colleague Peter Findlay will take over from me and host three more podcasts in the Autumn.

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