Towards a UK Digital Public Space: a blueprint report

The Strategic Content Alliance (SCA) has published a new report, Towards a UK Digital Public Space – A Blueprint Report .

The executive summary provides an overview of the work that was carried out:

Sero Consulting (Sero) was commissioned by the Strategic Content Alliance (SCA) in Summer 2014 to undertake research and consultation to produce a Blueprint report on the opportunities and barriers to creating a UK digital public space (DPS).

The term ‘digital public space’ can be understood as having a range of meanings, designating either a specific initiative, whether a platform or a public service, or alternatively an emergent sphere of online activity, enabled by common standards and practices. An extensive investigative and consultative process was carried out in
order to examine both dimensions of a possible DPS.

This report summarises the current service environment and reflects the major perspectives surfaced in the consultation; it describes the problem space of a potential DPS, and illustrates its potential benefits by describing a range of possible use cases. The principal focus of the recommendations is on whether the SCA should take action in this space, and, if so, what that action should be. It notes that the essential idea underlying a digital public space is not new, but argues that the time is now right for decisive progress towards it to be made. In this context, it makes recommendations about how to plan and navigate a future direction of travel for the DPS by the SCA partners, acknowledging that this will necessarily include close
relationships and active planning with many other organisations.

Previous reports by the SCA are available on its web site.

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