Some new things

We are very pleased that three projects from the Content Programme have recently launched their web resources though they are still working to complete them. They all provide fantastic material for online Science teaching.

The Open Science Laboratory is an Open University initiative to provide innovative Science resources. JISC has supported the development of two virtual microscopes which are to be contained within the laboratory.

The Histology and Histopathology microscope currently offers a demonstrator site but will provide access to ‘300 annotated slides of normal and diseased tissue, assembled from 6 universities and medical schools’ by January 2013, whilst the Virtual Microscopes for Earth Sciences currently provides access to 60 rocks and thin sections from around the United Kingdom with approximately 140 more to be added by January.

Virtual Histology Microscope snip

More recently OVAM, the Online Virtual Anatomy Museum, launched a fantastic source of Veterinary Anatomy information organised into categories according to species. It aggregates peer reviewed collections from 15 institutions and there is an open invitation for organisations with virtual Anatomy teaching aides, data and information to contribute.

Online Veterinary Anatopmy Museum snip

Led by the Royal Veterinary College at the University of London the project has created a resource which offers a great opportunity for advancements in Anatomy teaching. The project also benefits from a close collaboration with its sister project WikiVet, an encyclopaedic veterinary knowledge-base.

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